KSPA «Lucky Strand» is an official member of OIPA (International Organization for Animal Protection), also member of Animal Protection Commissions at Department of urban improvement and conservation of natural resources.

Our organization – is not a large team of people, who are not indifferent to the problem of stray animals.

About Kiev Society for the Protection of Animals «Lucky Strand».

We have become Volunteers at the behest of the heart, and in 2012 decided to create our own organization.

About Kiev Society for the Protection of Animals «Lucky Strand». Help animals Kiev Ukraine

Our wards animals pass a necessary course of rehabilitation after street «conditions» and they all are with us till we will find new responsible owners for them.

Help stray animals Kiev Ukraine, Lucky Strand

Stray animals Kiev Ukraine

A sufficient number of animals due to objective reasons cannot find the owners, so we care about them.

Under of our ongoing tutelage are more than 100 animals, including sick animals, which have passed the course of rehabilitation.

120 kg of meat and bones, 50 kg of groats – our costs per month for our wards animals.

Helping stray animals Kiev Ukraine, Lucky Strand

In order to save money (we don’t use the services of paid overexposure to animals, because we have the experience and adhere to the following points of view: the love can’t be bought by money ), so our wards are feeded, walked by our own team, and their number is limited in some ways.

Stray animals in Ikraine, helping stray animals

Animals of Kiev SPA Lucky Strand, helping stray animals in Ukraine

However, we are building a new mini-shelter in the Kiev region. We are looking for opportunities for its arrangement, by ourselves, unfortunately, up to this point, without the support of the state..

More details about building

Therefore, we are open to dialogue and sincere, fruitful cooperation with responsible people and companies who believe, as we, that animals, especially homeless — the most vulnerable creatures and need love, support and care.

Stray cats, helping stray cats in Kiev

Official OIPA membership certificate

Activity Advisory Letter from Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace to KSPA «Lucky Strand»

Yves Rocher Ukraine 

Activity Advisory Letter from Yves Rocher Ukraine to KSPA «Lucky Strand»

Gratitude Certificate from від Department of urban improvement and conservation of natural resources

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